The rising expenditure and falling salaried income has necessitated the need for more cash generation channels. With the shaky economy, it has become very difficult to enjoy life as all the salary goes to paying bills.

As an economist said, salaried people earn to spend and pay tax to that benefits their employers and the cycle continues. To break this cycle, there are some side jobs that could help lower down the cost of living.

1. Online Advertising

There are lots of advertising agencies who pay a lot of money for you to review their products. Some just want you to click on the links and increase traffic for a better Search engine ranking. The comfort of doing this at your own free time is what is appealing to many. You don’t have anyone bossing you around for increased productivity.

So, if you have a laptop and some few hours in your room, take it seriously and increase your monthly income.

2. Blogging

Another common way of generating money at the time of your choosing. Having your own blog that attracts lots of traffic, the companies like Google will pay to advertise on your blog. Additionally, you could guest blog for someone and get paid according to how many views your article gets.

Article writing is a wonderful way of not only earning extra cash but a perfect chance to be your own boss. So many people have quit their jobs for the comfort and profitability of online opportunities.

3. Night Job at a Food Restaurant or a Bar

People love food as you can see numerous food joints everywhere. If you find it thrilling to serve as a waiter or a bar mixer, then this would be a chance for some extra dollars.

There are so many bars and restaurants who employ on a part-time basis, especially for night shifts. The good thing with this type of jobs is that one works for just 4 or 5 hours a night. If you can create time for this, then why not give it a try.

4. Sharing Your Art, Crafts, Photos and Videos Online

People enjoy viewing videos and funny graphics online. Some of this clips are cheap and simple, but put smiles in thousand homes. A short video of a wife practically teaching a husband how to feed the baby could go viral.

Other funny graphics and jokes could be what you need to get views on social media. With a wide following on social media, you could be paid a lot to just mention product in your posts.

5. Turning Your Hobby into Income Generating Venture

It’s possible to create an income opportunity out of your hobby such as baking. You turn your baking skills into an income generating venture by doing it part time. This will help you earn extra cash to meet your financial demands.

Increasing your income should not be restrained by your day job. There are lots of wonderful ideas being embraced out here that could cater for your monthly bills. Check them out and transform your monthly budget.