Order picking rate is one of the most important activities in any warehouse system. Order picking is estimated to entail about 55% of any warehouse activity. This is more than half of all the warehouse activities, so you know what this means – the order picking technology should be flawless. It will satisfy customers, who will help with a company’s future growth.

What Is Order Picking?

Order picking is an activity done in a warehouse when goods are extracted and submitted to the customers. This process affects the growth of the warehouse as well as customer satisfaction; hence it’s best that it’s done to satisfaction. Warehouses and chain companies need to come up with ways to improve their order picking process for the best results.

It’s the desire of every business owner to 100% accuracy on any given operation. But is this possible? The hard truth is that some lessons are only taught through experience. This is one of those lessons.

An owner will need to have experience and time to be able to attain about 90% – 100% accuracy on delivery. Still, there are some ways that you as a company owner can improve on your order picking technologies.

Reasons to Invest In Order Picking Technologies

  • To save the delivery time – With the right technology at hand, you can easily re-slot the items to fit the market demands as well as your own plans.
  • To reduce delivery error by giving out the right products to the right customers.
  • To improve the cost of delivery and ensure goods are delivered in the right conditions and the required quantity.

Flow Racks for Order Picking

If you ask any individual customer the most acceptable error picking rate from warehouses or companies, they will tell you that it should be 0%. There is one thing you need to keep in mind if you seek to improve your delivery: flow racks.

Consider these factors before purchase:

  • How large is your warehouse and how high are your ceilings? Do you have a considerably large floor?
  • At what lengths are you willing to go to get a good quality rack? What amount are you willing to part off with?
  • How long is your products shelf life? What are their sizes and what number will you be having at a time?

With the above knowledge, you will be able to get a great rack that will sustain your business and keep your clients. Having a small error rate is possible. Strive for it.